The problem with society

Is that people are so dumb!

They are needy, and for laughs

Will cut off their own thumbs.

People are despicable,

It’s only about them.

Few are really caring.

They are rarer than a gem.

When I walked outside today,

Ugly is what I saw.

We have trashed out Earth,

And hurt its kool.

Selfish is our favorite thought,

We are too stubborn to see.

My favorite quote by some genius,

Is “The Truth Will Set You Free”.

Garbage, Trash, and litter Spread.

Making certain poison threads.

Some day we will learn,

How stupid and destructive we have been.

We will wake up one day,

And see what we have done.

Our world dies yet we don’t care.

Our every day unconstructive.

So that we stay the same and die.

~A. 2012

Remember the Good

You can hear the giggles down the hall. A smile lights up your face. You recall how you got here. Only a few set backs, but mostly wonderful memories. From the first meeting, First Date, The proposal, The wedding, Firt child…. They remind you that life is as you hoped it would be! Ues, there were sad times, but most are not worth remembering. Sitting on a blanket, agenst a tree, in his arms. You watch your kids play as the sun sets. A lot has happened, and a lot more is to come! These happy thoughts are what we hold on to. Our Favorite Mo.ents! The little laughs! Without these you would not get where you want to be. There is a lot to Remember, the Good memories are just more important.

~A. 2-5-19

No Time…..just pressure

This pressure Knocks… Knocks… Knocks… Threatening to break loose. What was I doing?.. What did yoy say? Can’t think straight. There is to much to do. There is not enough time.. So tired, yet can’t sleep. Where is the Knocking coming from? Can everyone stop talking? Sorry, I can’t fit that in today. Oh.. It’s important for you, but you don’t have time….. Well I’ll try.. I shouldn’t, but I have to?.. My head is going going to Explode! I can’t keep this up. Will they notice if I leave for a while? No I can’t, I’m supposed to do these things. What am I doing? That Knocking!……. Why wont it go away? What time is it? Am I done yet? I should try to sleep… Did i even finish today? Well it will have to wait. Where did I put them? More Knocking…. It’s louder now…. Ok I’m done……

~A. 2-5-19

LONELY ROSE (by a friend)

So much depends on a lonely speckeled rose, laying in pale hands of a distressed boy. Raindrops fall upon his tear stained cheeks. Reminding him of how times use to be… Telling himself he can’t go on. Remembering she was the only one, but now she is gone. All she had left him lays in his hands, pricking his skin and making him faintly bleed. Like his tormented tears reminding him he is still here, when she is not. Leaving him dying inside……

~Kat 12-2017


The chains have changed, Locks are new. Lost the keys.. Time is washing away. Find the new Light! A hard track to follow. The keys were so close!. Hidden in plain sight… Needing to forget the past, leaving those monsters behind. They will not hold us back! We have new paths to follow. No more cages, locke or chains to keep us back. Hand in hand making our way! Breaking through the hurdles and mountains. Nothing will stop our journey. We will conquer! No longer Lost, but Found!

~A. 04-18-15


Walls torn down,

Chains unlocked.

You had the key.

No longer scared.

Head over heels,

The smiles are real!

No more hiding.

I can be me.

You’re my other half,

My ment to be!

Love no longer the fear.

You I let near.

I will Love you forever.

My Heart Keeper!

~A. 01-17-14


Had a crush.

Has been crushed.

Soul shattered.

Heart torn apart.

Walls built up.

Fence chained up and locked.

No one is let in.

If you find a crack, you will only get so far.

No where past the skin.

Love has become a fear.

But she doesn’t shed a tear.

Hiding behind laughter.

Her smiles show no sign.

Not willing to let anyone in.

Her keys are hidden…

~A. 03-20-13